Our history...

In 1890, Koloman Enjingi planted the family's first vineyard in the village of Hrnjevac, on the slopes of mount Krndija, setting the prestigious family tradition of grape growing and wine production.

He passed his love for the vineyards and wine to his son Martin, and Martin did the same thing – his son Vaclav, Koloman's grandson, took over the family business. The third generation of the Enjingi family continued the family business in spite of the stormy war times.

Finally, in 1957, Koloman’s great-grandson Ivan took over the family's vineyard with 2 000 vines. Year by year planting more vineyards, fighting the unfavorable social and political climate, he became the first Croatian private wine producer.


In 1972 he started selling bottled wine, instead of common practice of bulk wine sale. His strategy turned to be a success.

Following his own philosophy of winemaking and his love for the nature, vineyards and wine, he continued working and creating prestigious Croatian wine brand.