Our winemaking philosophy follows the same principles that we use in the vineyards. We strongly believe that only organic production can express the real value of the terroir.

All of our wines are fermented with natural native yeast in stainless steel tanks. Aging for several months in Slavonian oak barrels, some of which are our own production, is regular procedure for most of our wines.

Richness of the soil, favorable climate, low yields, extended time of harvest, native yeast and Slavonian oak barrels is combination that gives rich, full bodied and complex wine with great aging potential.


Our dry wines and dry late harvest wines will continue to develop in the bottle for at least 10 years, while our sweet special harvest wines will show all of its qualities for even a longer period.

Venje 0,75L

Graševina 0,75L

Graševina 0,75L vintage

Graševina 0,375L selection

Rizvanac 0,75L

Sauvignon 0,75L selection

Sauvignon 0,75L vintage

Pinot sivi 0,75L barrique

Rajnski rizling 0,75L vintage

Rajnski rizling 0,375L selection

Traminac mirisavi 0,375L

Zweigelt barrique 0,75L

Crni pinot 0,75L

Komovica / Grappa 0,375L